Pooya Sanat Industrial Kitchen and Resturant Equipment

Pooya Sanat Industrial Kitchen and Resturant Equipment

Setting up and Designing the Industrial kitchens and resturant equipment coffee-shop and fast-food equipment


After Sales Services

After sales services is one of the most important factors in the competition market, because this is a main factor for the customers to choose the goods. Better and more accurate service will lead to the customer’s satisfaction in the shortest time.

How important is the guarantee of the machines?

The guarantee is very important for industrial kitchen equipment, because it causes customer reassurance and full support of the manufacturer of the machines and it also makes a bilateral commitment between buyer and seller.

After Sales Services | guarantee

What’s the difference between guarantee and after sales services?

After sales services includes repair and replacement of all parts of the machines, but in guarantee all services are free.

After Sales Services | guarantee

What do after sales services include?

After sales services include:

  • Supply of machines consumables
  • Installation and initiation of all the equipment
  • Repair and service of the equipment
  • Periodic review of the machines
  • Train how to work with the machines
  • Provide a guarantee leaflet for the customers
After Sales Services | guarantee

Pooyasnat industrial and manufacturing company

Pooyasanat industrial and manufacturing group, one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers in industrial kitchen equipment, introduce yourself as a prestigious brand. This group enhance the quality and quantity of after sales services by experienced and young experts in order to increase the customers’ satisfaction.

After Sales Services | guarantee

The guarantee of Pooyasnat Company products

The guarantee of pooyasanat company products is twelve months. During this time, if there is any problem with the machines, the support team of pooyasanat group is committed to solve the problem in the shortest time. Our commitment is to accompany the customers in their restaurant’s success.

After Sales Services | guarantee

The items that that leave the products of pooyasanat group out of guarantee:

  • Improper use of the machines
  • Power fluctuations

How to provide after sales services to the customers of foreign countries

Pooyasanat industrial group, export high quality products all over the world that manufacture them in grade A with the best raw materials, and provide online after sales services to the customers out of Iran. This group also send the machines with a free accessories package that may customers need.


After Sales Services | guarantee

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