Pooya Sanat Industrial Kitchen and Resturant Equipment

Pooya Sanat Industrial Kitchen and Resturant Equipment

Setting up and Designing the Industrial kitchens and resturant equipment coffee-shop and fast-food equipment


Gold Points To Supply Industrial Kitchen Equipment

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The secrets of having a different Industrial Kitchen. To be successful it requires a plan and schedule. People who decide to establish a cooking food center especially industrial kitchen, should provide a list of required equipment . If they purchase without a schedule, their financial budget may be finished, while they don’t buy some important industrial kitchen equipment and we recommend that you purchase equipment according to your requirement.

Essential items to establish an Industrial Kitchen

Cooking food capacity: the numbers of hotel rooms and customer acceptance capacity will affect the capacity and models of food machinery and also cooked food.

  • Type of foods that should be served in hotels and restaurants: this item depends on the stars number of hotels or the perspective of the restaurant development. It means the place, region, native and non-indigenous of hotels and restaurants will affect the types of food like: oriental food, Arabic food, traditional food, foreign food.
  • Designing the ventilation system in hotel or restaurant kitchen: clean air entry and the extraction of smoke and contaminated air.
  • Designing the mechanical and electrical installations system (hot and cold water, location of single and 3 phase keys and sockets.
  • Design how to install the equipment of industrial kitchens (to increase the output it’s better the distance between kitchen, delivery of food and restaurant be as short as possible.

First step in establishing industrial kitchens is providing an exact list of keeping and preparation of food that is going to be cooked in industrial kitchen. This is the most important part of industrial kitchen designing and should be provided before selecting the space and equipment of industrial kitchens. Before providing the equipment consider  what kind of food you are going to cook or add to your menu.

Essential items to establish an Industrial Kitchen
Essential items to establish an Industrial Kitchen

an exact list of required equipment

Provide an exact list of required equipment with the exact size of each machine like the following category:

  •  Preparation equipment of industrial kitchen
  •  Cooking equipment of industrial kitchen
  • Equipment Maintenance of industrial kitchen
  •  Washing and cleaning equipment of industrial kitchen
  •  Fast-food equipment
  • Coffee-shop equipment
  •  Packing equipment


(The industrial kitchen’s priority is the kitchen’s space ergonomics.)

an exact list of required equipment
an exact list of required equipment

Estimate the Industrial Kitchen Equipment and purchasing them

There are different opinions about industrial kitchens equipment and the costs estimate of them. By counseling with experienced companies you can buy high quality equipment with a suitable cost. If you want to reduce the initial cost, you can buy low quality equipment, but you have to pay the cost of repair, service and maintenance. Your policy will determine your future work about Industrial Kitchens.

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Estimate the Industrial Kitchen
Estimate the Industrial Kitchen

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