Pooya Sanat Industrial Kitchen and Resturant Equipment

Pooya Sanat Industrial Kitchen and Resturant Equipment

Setting up and Designing the Industrial kitchens and resturant equipment coffee-shop and fast-food equipment


High quality of kitchen, the first step of establishment of a restaurant

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Establishment of a restaurant is the wish of many people. A good restaurant in addition to having suitable place, experienced and responsible personnel, requires a kitchen with a high quality. Undoubtedly, kitchen is the first step of a restaurant. Many restaurateurs pay attention more to the beauty of serving food space and architecture  , but the principles and standards ways are designing, decoration of  kitchen and suitable equipment with a high quality that if they don’t follow, rise the costs of the restaurant.

So, the vital matter at the beginning of a restaurant activity is suitable kitchen equipment with a rational cost and also lowest requirement to repair and replacement.

Before buying kitchen equipment for a restaurant, determine the commercial goals about the foods of restaurant. First, decide about the restaurant menu and the amount of food order. Then conclude about the required equipment of this menu, overall review of final menu, is the first instruction for the beginning of a restaurant.

In finalizing of the menu consider the foresight, maybe in the restaurant development plan you want to add soup, salad, types of fried potatoes and pizza. An exact planning, control the expensive costs of changing equipment and construction.

The following category is the industrial kitchen equipment according to its application type:

  •        preparation equipment
  •        maintenance equipment
  •        washing and cleaning equipment
  •        heating and cooking equipment
  •        cook and distribution equipment of fast-food
  •        Coffee-shop equipment
The following category is the industrial kitchen equipment according to its application type:

The following category is the industrial kitchen equipment according to its application type:

According to what you put in your menu, list your required equipment like: speed, accuracy, technology type, cooking capacity and ….

In each introduced category, you can find a numerous list of products.

Pooya Sanat Industrial and Manufacturing Group with a great reputation and professional consultation in industrial kitchen equipment context, help you to buy high quality equipment with a suitable cost.

Undoubtedly, choosing high quality products with a high first cost, is affordable, due to decreasing costs of repair, service, maintenance in along time.

Using automatic and semi-automatic equipment can decrease the costs, due to decreasing of workers.

Something that distinguishes us is our commitment in after sale services. Sale, not only isn’t the end of a deal, but also is the beginning of a commitment.

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