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Hygienic rules of industrial kitchens and restaurant

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Maintaining hygiene in the workplace can be quite an undertaking. A large body of staff, high volumes of foot traffic and an affinity for air conditioning make the workplace an ideal breeding ground for germs. In other words, sick employees cost you big money. In order to maintain productivity levels, staff morale, and the welfare of your business (and cash flow) hygiene in the workplace is a priority.

Choosing a reputable cleaning company that can provide you with professional office cleaning services is crucial. We’ve got over 24 years of experience in helping businesses across the country maintain optimal hygiene in the workplace.

  • At the entrance of your restaurant put the certificate from medical & sanitary inspection service for the current year. This is the first sign that is safe to eat in that restaurant.
  • Employees and persons who are working with food should look neat and clean. Attention should be paid to cleanliness and length of nails. Long nails are the ideal home for bacteria. Employees should wear protective gloves and hairnets or hats. Restaurateurs who care about cleanliness and food safety insist that their employees carry these minimal precautions.
  • Furrowed walls, floors as every object in restaurant need to be clean. In clean objects, there should not be even minimum of dust or grease which can be good environment for germs.
  • Food remains and dirt on the floor from previous guest is the last thing that your new guest wants to see when coming in a restaurant. After each guest floor must be clean up.
  • Water and food in the kitchen may not be present and effused on the floor. I your staff respect working rules and have enough working space in the kitchen you have a good basis for cleanliness and hygiene.

Raw food, especially meat and greens should be adequately separated. Cross-contamination of these food products usually happen when raw meat comes in contact with food which is eaten fresh, such as salads.

  • Only healthy employees can work with food!
  • The area around the object should be clean. Place for trash (cans, containers) should be with orderly stored waste. In the case that rats or similar scavengers shows up, you should immediately take necessary measures to remove them.
  • One of the good hygienic practices is disinfection of tables and furniture with disinfectant.

With these actions, you will increase hygienic conditions of restaurant.

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