Pooya Sanat Industrial Kitchen and Resturant Equipment

Pooya Sanat Industrial Kitchen and Resturant Equipment

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Industrial Cooking Equipment In Designing Industrial Kitchen

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  A lot of foods will cook and prepare in an industrial kitchen equipment that shows the sensitiveness and  time in high quality of service, because in a common kitchen we will cook food for the members of a family   but an industrial kitchen gives services to the hotels, restaurants, fast-food and … . So we should consider the savor and taste of people and quality of food. Industrial cooking is consists of principles and professional foundations and confirmation of cooking process.

To conclude these consequences, 3 impotent steps are determinate:

* Designing the menu structure (determine according to capacity, level of ceremonies, types of food, time and space limitation of serving food, and …)

* Compilation of food card recipe (fixed price, sale, stabilization of savor and taste, production confirmation, supply and serving food)

* Machinery equipment of cooking food (professional level, the place of food production, the budget and time of utilization of plan and …)

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    After determining of industrial cooking structure, the definitions, limitations, indicators and spacing should define in 4 important part:

* Warehouse of raw materials (refrigerator, dry, cool and …)

* Preparation (white or red meat, vegetables and …)

* Production (warm kitchen, kebab processing, and …)

* service (delivery service and …)

     The structures that mentioned above should prepare in all industrial kitchens and their operational process start from warehouse and finish with service part. Besides this part, other spaces are needed for completing the services like : cloakroom, office room, washing dishes, pot and … .

            According to lateral spaces span, for definition of index evaluation , the production process should be considered. These process divide to 3 main following part :

* Preparation process

* Process during production

* Post production process

industrial kitchen equipment | Cooking Equipment | industrial cooking | industrial restaurants

  Interior designing and decoration of industrial kitchen:

Interior designing and decoration of industrial kitchens equipment are consists of many components. The following are the vertices of them:

* Designing and decoration of floor, multi dimensional wall, and flooring

* Table and furniture (twosome, foursome and multi people table, guest furniture, and baby    chair

* Interior lightening (direct and indirect lightening, hidden lighting, and lamp-shade and ….)

* Embellishment and installations (signboard, poster, advertising, curtain, and chandelier

industrial kitchen equipment | Cooking Equipment | industrial cooking | industrial restaurants

            In technical and engineering part there are factor, mechanical installations and electric parts with a general introduction of them in following:

* Prepare a foundation plan, block joist, columniation

* Design and calculating of factor according to maintaining the suitable altitude of kitchen and dining room.

* Build suitable structure for interior decoration and designing with the possibility of any change.

* Mechanical Installation

* Hot and cold water, sewerage and fat destroyer

* Ventilation and air evacuation

* Fire extinguishing system

* Powerhouse, water recourses, and ….

* Electric Installations

* lightening system, key and plug

* Emergency power system, fire alarm system

* Single and 3 phase electricity

* Electrical panel and switchgear attached to the ground

* CCTV (Closed Circuit Television), network, phone and …

Effective components in designing industrial kitchens consists of expert knowledge of personnel, ceremonies level of providing foods, production capacity, project place and the technology of machines and … that each of them affects one of the kitchen sections (warehouse, preparation, production and service)

  Actually, to attain an industrial kitchen equipment we require not only correct and proper designing, but also suitable equipment and necessaries.

  Proudly Pooya Sanat Industrial Group with an experienced and powerful team ready to provide professional services to you, dears, in this context.


industrial kitchen equipment | Cooking Equipment | industrial cooking | industrial restaurants

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