Pooya Sanat Industrial Kitchen and Resturant Equipment

Pooya Sanat Industrial Kitchen and Resturant Equipment

Setting up and Designing the Industrial kitchens and resturant equipment coffee-shop and fast-food equipment


Introduction Of Pooya Sanat Industrial And Manufacturing Group

 Pooya Sanat Industrial and Manufacturing Group has been in business since 2004 in order to designing and manufacturing of food machinery and especially industrial kitchen equipment , restaurant , coffee-shop and fast-food equipment , and also hospital .hotel and university kitchen equipment. This group took the first step in this industry by inventing the first kebab skewer | maker machine with the last technology in the world. And also by patent and manufacturing automatic hamburger maker machine and automatic chicken skewer machine and supplying other industrial kitchen equipment with high quality cause the time and cost savings and improve the process of food preparing.

Products of Pooyasanat Industrial Group

Pooyasanat industrial and manufacturing group with a specialist team launch to invent and manufacture kebab production line, including automatic kebab skewer | maker machines and also automatic hamburger and chicken skewer machines.

products of pooya sanat |   industrial kitchen
products of pooya sanat

Automatic kebab skewer|maker machine

Pooyasanat industrial group launch to manufacture an automatic kebab skewer | maker machine, because skewering by hand was insanitary and took a lot of time. So this group by manufacturing kebab production equipment like barbecue and skewer washer machine, beside automatic kebab skewer | maker machine introduce himself as a specialist group in equipping industrial kitchens.

Automatic kebab maker machine |   industrial kitchen
Automatic kebab maker machine

Manufacturing automatic hamburger machine made pooyasanat industrial group distinctive from competitors

Insanitary and time-consuming production of hamburger by hand was the reason for inventing the first automatic hamburger maker machine in two models with different capacity:

Automatic hamburger maker machine with the capacity of 1000 hamburger per hour

Automatic hamburger maker machine with the capacity of 2000 hamburger per hour 

Automatic hamburger maker |   industrial kitchen
Automatic hamburger maker

Automatic chicken skewer machine

Chicken kebab is a popular food that serves in many restaurants. The process of skewering chicken by hand is very time-consuming and insanitary. Pooyasanat industrial group has designed automatic chicken skewer machine with standard dimensions. This machine designed in a way that you can use both wooden sticks and stainless steel skews.

Automatic chicken skewer machine |   industrial kitchen
Automatic chicken skewer machine

Automatic barbecue

Automatic radiative barbecue with indirect temperature and capacity of 400 to 1600 skewer per hour is one of the best products of Pooyasanat Company. By this automatic barbecue you will have a uniform temperature that gives you a juicy and tasty kebab that is cooked perfectly.

Automatic radiative barbecue |   industrial kitchen
Automatic radiative barbecue

Automatic skewer washer machine

To wash high numbers of skewers you need an automatic machine for time and water saving. Pooyasanat industrial group has manufactured automatic skewer washer machine that wash 300 skewers just in 20 minutes that decrease water consumption and increase the speed of washing skewers.

Automatic skewer washer machine |   industrial kitchen
Automatic skewer washer machine

Export to all the continents

Iranian kebab is a popular food not only in Iran but also all over the world. So many people like to experience the taste of it and add this delicious food to their menu. High quality kebab machines (barbecue machines) of pooyasanat industrial group attract many people all over the world like Canada, America, England, Panama, Sweden, Australia, Switzerland and,… . This is proud of us that we receive satisfaction of our customers from these countries.

The research team of pooyasanat company by considering the requirements of restaurants and industrial kitchens try to fulfill these requirements by inventing, manufacturing and supplying new food products.

Sale is the beginning of our commitment to the customers.

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export to  all the  continents |   industrial kitchen
export to all the continents

Some of the customers

Chadormalu Mining & Industrial CO.
Iran Alloy Steel Company
Ilam University Of Medical Science
Karen Pharma & Food Supplement Co
Shahid Sadoghi medical science