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Is Really Charcoal-Grilled Kebab Carcinogenic?

Release date : ۱۳۹۸/۰۴/۲۰

Kebab is one of the common food in family and friendly picnics that everybody likes to eat. Of course in the past the houses were very large enough that people cooked kebab by a brazier and the smoke of it didn’t annoy the neighbors. But nowadays due to spreading of living in apartment, homemade kebab just serve in picnic and cooking it on a fire, not only make it delicious but also is a sweet nostalgia. But it is for some time that the matter of coal-roasted kebab has been propounded and makes people worried that, if cooking food on a direct fire is problematic or not?

is roasting the best way of cooking
is roasting the best way of cooking

Before everything, answer to this question is essential that, is roasting the best way of cooking?

Roasting is the most traditional and suitable way of cooking meat but it can be pernicious too.

Actually roasting white or red meat in a standard way is an excellent and nutritive meal. Due to not using oil in roasting food, the received energy of it will not rise and there won’t have any problems like, arteriosclerosis, and it is a healthy way toward frying meat. If kebab provides in a non-standard conditions, it is not only healthy, but also carcinogenic.

The white and red meat requires 65 to 75 centigrade temperature to be perfectly cooked, but it doesn’t happen in a non-standard way of roasting food because the temperature isn’t equal.

Due to exciting types of microorganisms, parasites and insanitary factors like Salmonella microbe in meat, it should be completely cooked to eliminate all insanitary factors, otherwise cause disease transmission.

Certainly, for eliminating all the exciting microorganisms and parasites, it shouldn’t be cooked in a high temperature of fire, because cooking in high temperature produces carcinogenic materials, named Heterocyclic Amines.

These chemicals arise as low as one billionth but experiment experiences on animals show that heterocyclic Amines have a strong carcinogenic attributes and usually creates at the outer surface of meat is near to temperature.

The amount of Heterocyclic Amines of pot roast that receive a low temperature in the oven is lower than coal-roasted meat. But roasting meat cause more problems. the smoke of coal cause carcinogenic chemicals like polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, because when the fat of meat trickle down on coal , produce smoke that increase the possibility carcinogenic of meat.

Should we put aside Charcoal-grilled Kebab

One of the reason for popularity of cooking kebab on coal is the Aromatic compounds that create when the wood burns and the smoke of it make the flavor of kebab delicious but there won’t be this flavor when cooked by electrical or gas barbecue, oven or grill. But cooking kebab on charcoal cause Hydrocarbons compounds that may be carcinogenic. In fact, how many times do people eat this kebab during a week or month that are worried about this matter?

That’s right that Hydrocarbons compounds are dangerous, but last year in Tehran, people didn’t inhale a clean air even for one day.

 Is the inhalation of unhealthy air worse than Coal-roasted Kebab that people occasionally eat?

Nowadays people don’t have enough opportunity to gather and cook food on coal, so It’s better that if they find such an opportunity , don’t think about the Aromatic compounds on kebab.

Charcoal grilled Kebab
Charcoal grilled Kebab

What’s the best fire for kebab?

If most of people eat Charcoal-grilled Kebab, shouldn’t forget that the matter of ring-shaped hydrocarbons on parts of kebab that is burned on the fire of coal is completely scientific and there is no doubt that it is carcinogenic. So it’s better to separate the burned part and don’t eat this parts.

The other thing that they have to pay attention is roasting meat on a mild temperature and with a suitable distance from fire to prevent from burning meat, actually, it’s better to wait until the smoke of fire subsides and coal become red, and this is the best time to put the skewer of kebab on brazier.

However if you slice meat in small pieces and before roasting, warm it the temperature of meat decrease and the cooking time become shorter. Remember that the lesser the fat makes the little smoke and you will eat a safer kebab. Certainly if you cook meat in microwave for 2 minutes before roasting, the amount of hydrocyclic Amines decrease in 90 percent and to prevent from drying of meat, don’t cook it more than 2 minutes in the microwave. While roasting turn the skewers of meat consistently to receive equal temperature, so the meat cook faster and the outer surface of meat doesn’t burn and the hydrocyclic amines are fewer too.

Smoky foods are favorite foods for many people. Foods like: smoky fish, smoky rice, smoky tuna, smoky sausages and etc.

 In the past smoky foods were the most common food and people put them in a fire-cured room and by burning sawdust and oak, provided smoky foods , so the Aromatic materials that glister from woods made the food delicious , but now from 4-5 passed year there are compounds that are used instead of smoky foods in traditional way.

These compounds are not allowed to be used in restaurants and just food industry can use them. These materials are chemical and create from combining thousands materials that are used in food industry that except the flavor of smoky foods, has produced flavor of foods like 🙁 kebab, chicken, saffron and …) that are used in food industry. Using these materials doesn’t make any problem in big companies, because controlling these companies that have specialized experts, doctor and engineers is easier than restaurants that are not professional in using these materials and can be dangerous.

What’s the best fire for kebab
What’s the best fire for kebab

  What’s the best suggestion for cooking kebab?

Undoubtedly, existing industrial kebab maker machines that are known as Radiative Barbecue, are the most suitable suggestion for food-supplier centers. These machines cook all the layers of meat without smoke or burning the outer surface of meat.

Radiative Barbecues, at first create a hard layer on meat by radiative heat transfer. This layer keep the moisture and nutrients of kebab. in the process of cooking kebab, a mild gradient, permanent and equal temperature  transfer from the outer surface to the inner layer of meat and cause a complete cooking of kebab.

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What’s the best suggestion for cooking kebab
What’s the best suggestion for cooking kebab

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