Pooya Sanat Industrial Kitchen and Resturant Equipment

Pooya Sanat Industrial Kitchen and Resturant Equipment

Setting up and Designing the Industrial kitchens and resturant equipment coffee-shop and fast-food equipment


What are the most important points to buy an automatic kebab maker | skewer machines?

Release date : ۱۳۹۸/۰۴/۲۳

The precedent of the manufacturer company: Is this company enough experienced in manufacturing kebab skewer machines?

Cooperation: which companies or organizations has it previously partnered with?

Success: was this company successful in previous projects?

Brand: are the products of this company a well-known brand?

Machine mechanism: is the mechanism of the machines hydraulic or gearbox?

The quality of the engine of the machines: is the engine of the machines first-grade or not?

The quality of the parts of the machines: Are you sure about the durability of the parts of the machines?

The body of the machines: the body of the machine should be fit to work conditions and don’t corrode in vicinity of humidity.

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