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Which kind of mold is suitable for automatic kebab maker | skewer machines?

Release date : ۱۳۹۸/۰۴/۲۳

There are some different factors like weight, durability and price that have effect on choosing the mold. Generally, the most high quality molds are stainless steel ones, but has some disadvantages too, like high price and the problem of sticking kebab to the mold. By setting temperature you can solve this problem, but, as the temperature increases, kebab will dries, so the quality decrease.

The cast iron mold has a good quality and a lower price than stainless steel mold, the disadvantage of this mold is its heavy weight that makes hard the process of changing the molds and cause a high shipping cost for the times that you want to send to your customers in regions that is far from the company.

The aluminum mold is a cost-effective mold with high quality and lighter in weight. It can be said that the aluminum mold is the most popular mold in customers’ idea     

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