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Automatic Kebab Maker Machine Model PS400H

Automatic Kebab Maker Machine PS400H

skewer of meat without manual task by observing the principles of health

Simple operation process

  Regular and the same skewer of meat for better roasting

guarantee : 24 Month

After Sales Services: 10 years

Price :

Automatic Kebab Maker Machine PS400H

Automatic Kebab Maker Machine : this machine is also known by other names like: (Kebab Machine , Doner Kebab Machine , Skewer Shish Kebab, Skewer Machine, Meat Skewer Machine and Kebab Maker Machine).  These machines are produced in automatic and manual types. Pooya Sanat Industrial and Manufacturing Group, is also the supplier of  Electric  manual kebab skewer machine with free mold and Manual Kebab Skewer Machine.

 Technical specifications Automatic Kebab skewer Maker PS400H

  • Motor Power (KW): 1.5
  • Hydraulic Pomp : one
  • Speed in hour skewer : 500
  •  Oil tank capacity : 15 liter
  • Weight: 120 KG
  • Dimension :75*50*60 CM
  •     It is equipped with automatic counter and emergency switch.
  •   Equipped with a pressure regulation system.
  •     Mold (dimension and Meat weight) is as requested.
  •     Machine cover is made of stainless steel.
  •    Equipped with two sensors for high safety.  
  •  Hydraulic system.

After Sales Services

This machine has 2 years guarantee and 10 years after sales services. After sales services confirms just by experienced experts of Pooyasanat group . If the machines repair by anybody else except Pooyasanat group,or in case of unconventional damage such as improper transportation, there will be no after sales services

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