Pooya Sanat Industrial Kitchen and Resturant Equipment

Pooya Sanat Industrial Kitchen and Resturant Equipment

Setting up and Designing the Industrial kitchens and resturant equipment coffee-shop and fast-food equipment


Setting Up Restaurant Kitchen

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To setting up restaurant kitchen, pay attention to many important points and steps. All these steps should be done with planning and consulting. Allocation of suitable space for the restaurant, isolation of kitchen and hall of the restaurant, selection of proper menu, specialized and experienced personnel, careful review of competitors, and designing and decorating are very important, but supplying proper kitchen equipment is more important, because selection of equipment for a modern restaurant is the main factor of its growth

Secrets of a modern restaurant success

Nowadays initiation of restaurant as a popular and lucrative profession has a big competitive market in this world, so to be success in this profession, you should know about the provisions of it

  • Specify the type of restaurant, food and its service
  • Try to know your customers exactly
  • The menu of restaurant and type of service should be in a high quality
  • Appreciate your customers and design the restaurant environment according to their opinion
  • Choose the menu of restaurant according to the geographical area
  • Be careful about the restaurant kitchen equipment
 modern restaurant & Setting up restaurant kitchen
modern industrial kitchen

Not accurate schedule in initiation of restaurant cause your failure in the first year

Statistic shows the number of restaurants are increasing day by day. For instance, there are many restaurants in USA, but all of them aren’t successful because of not accurate schedule at the first year of initiation, so you will need experienced people’s consultation and a businesslike schedule to start this profession

 & Not accurate schedule in initiation modern industrial kitchen
Not accurate schedule in initiation

Effective factors in equipping a modern industrial kitchen

Undoubtedly, equipping a restaurant with all facilities are very costly. There are some effective factors like type of menu and quality of food, restaurant location and the amount of restaurant space to choose equipment for a modern restaurant and to improve work efficiency, designing and decorating of the restaurant should be in a way that personnel’s work easily

Effective factors in equipping
Effective factors in equipping

The most important indicators of industrial kitchen equipment

Customers like to see the process of food preparation. This is a point for you customers satisfaction and as an advertisement for your restaurant, so you need to provide modern and high quality kitchen equipment according to your restaurant requirement. The amount of founding is also an effective point to choose equipment, therefore to buy equipment at the lowest cost, you should consult an experienced person in this profession. Another important indicator is using practical equipment with ease of use that makes your time and time saving

The most important indicators
The most important indicators

Setting up restaurant kitchen from A to Z

Pooyasanat industrial group is known as a great supplier and manufacturer in the field of industrial kitchen equipment in the world. A group of experienced expert have gathered to improve the quality and efficiency of your restaurant by designing and decorating of your restaurant and supplying proper equipment

Pooyasanat industrial group is in companionship with the customers in all the steps of designing, initiation, installation and also training of how to use industrial kitchen equipment

The priority of this group is customer’s satisfaction and sale is the beginning of pooyasanat industrial group’s commitment to the customers

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Setting up restaurant kitchen from A to Z
Setting up restaurant kitchen from A to Z

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