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The History Of Kebab In Iran:

Release date : ۱۳۹۸/۰۴/۲۳

Kebab is one of the most original and well-known Iranian common food that they always have and the first kebab restaurant in Iran was established in Tabriz near the Caucasus bored.

The history of Kebab in foreign country:

The first Kebab restaurant in foreign country was established by Javad Farifteh in Germany during the Hitler regime that put the name of Hitler on it because it just services to Hitler’s fan .now in Italy people provide Kebab Pizza and in Los Angeles there is a well-known kebab restaurant in Nayeb name that is the oldest restaurant in Iran and now most of the Iranian residents in America are the customers of this restaurant.

history of kebab
history of kebab

Types of Kebab in Iran:

The ingredients of Kebab is onion and spice that is provided with various meat like lamb meat, beef, chicken, and also camel meat in platy skewer. Most popular Kebab in Iran is kubideh that is provided with lamb meat with fat, onion and spice.

Types of Kebab that provide in Iran are: kubideh, Barg, Soltani kebab, Chenje, Bonab, and also Shishlik Kebab)

types of kebab
types of kebab

How Kebab Restaurant serves in Iran:

The counting unit of Kebab is skewer

It usually served with bread or rice, raw onion, basil and tomato.

 The suitable spice for Kebab is sumac that give a sour taste to it.

Per 10 gram of this food has 250k calories energy.

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