Pooya Sanat Industrial Kitchen and Resturant Equipment

Pooya Sanat Industrial Kitchen and Resturant Equipment

Setting up and Designing the Industrial kitchens and resturant equipment coffee-shop and fast-food equipment


Why Do We Choose Pooyasanat Industrial And Manufacturing Group To Equip Industrial Kitchens

There are different kinds of industrial kitchen equipment, restaurant equipment, coffee shop and fast-food equipment all over the world. Due to high numbers of suppliers and manufacturers companies and also varieties of products like automatic kebab maker machines, automatic and manual barbecues, meat grinder, mixer, coffee maker and even kids of tables and chairs of restaurant, it’s hard to choose the best and high quality equipment. A good consulting company can help you choose the best ones.

What are the features of a kitchen equipment consulting company?

A good consulting company should consider the customer’s requirements first, then offer the equipment according to the customer’s conditions. To present a good suggestion, the company should pay attention to some factors like: the space of industrial kitchens, daily meal, and the way of decorating the restaurant. Another factor that is important is the variety of menu that effect on choosing the kitchen equipment. For instance, the menu of traditional food differ from the menu of an international restaurant.

 Always choose the best

Pooyasanat industrial and manufacturing group introduce yourself as the first manufacturer of automatic kebab maker | skewer machines, automatic and manual barbecues, automatic chicken skewer machine and automatic hamburger machine. This group with an experienced and young team and exporting the kitchen equipment all over the world has been raised as the best brand in industrial kitchen equipment, restaurant equipment. Fast-food and coffee shop equipment not only in Iran but also all over the world.

Undoubtedly, manufacturing kebab maker/kubideh skewer machine not only needs technical knowledge, but also production experience.

Pooyasanat industrial and group by updating and upgrading the machines according to the customers’ inquiries with a good efficiency towards competitors in this industry.

Pooyasanat Company with a long experience in manufacturing kebab skewer/maker machines, is the best industrial and manufacturing group between competitors in food industry.

In addition to manufacturing kebab production line, pooyasanat group has succeeded in obtaining a patent certificate in manufacturing automatic chicken skewer machine, hamburger machine too.

Why do we choose pooyasanat industrial and manufacturing group?

This group first start equipping kebab production line in Iranian restaurant and with an excellent performance in selling products, has succeeded in exporting these products to five continents.

Pooyasanat industrial group with trained and experienced staff as a reliable brand in the field of food industry, initiate to design, manufacture and supply industrial kitchen equipment for restaurant, fast-food and coffee shop centers and also for hospitals and universities’ kitchen.

These are the reasons that we offer you pooyasnat industrial and manufacturing group:

  • Proper price of kitchen equipment
  • Manufacturing the equipment with the best and high quality raw materials
  • Extensive after sales service

The proper price of kitchen equipment

Appropriate price and the quality of pooyasanat industrial group’ products towards the similar products in the market of food industry makes this group have customers with any financial ability can use these products to equip their restaurants.

Manufacturing the equipment with the best and high quality raw materials

 The most important factor for Pooyasanat Company is customers’ satisfaction. So to manufacture high quality products use the best raw materials.

Extensive after sales services

One of the most important factor of choosing industrial kitchen equipment is after sales services and guarantee that makes the customers determined to buy the products.

Pooyasanat industrial and manufacturing group with an experienced and trained team, present extensive after sales service and accompany the customers to launch their food centers. All the products of Pooyasanat Company includes kinds of kebab maker machines, chicken skewer machines and automatic hamburger machines have  one year guarantee and ten years after sales services.

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