Pooya Sanat Industrial Kitchen and Resturant Equipment

Pooya Sanat Industrial Kitchen and Resturant Equipment

Setting up and Designing the Industrial kitchens and resturant equipment coffee-shop and fast-food equipment

industrial kitchen equipment
industrial kitchen equipment
industrial kitchen equipment

Introduction Of Pooya Sanat Industrial And Manufacturing Group

 Pooya Sanat Industrial and Manufacturing Group has been in business since 2004 in order to designing and manufacturing of food machinery and especially industrial kitchen equipment , restaurant , coffee-shop and fast-food equipment , and also hospital .hotel and university kitchen equipment. This group took the first step in this industry by inventing the first kebab skewer | maker machine with the last technology in the world. And also by patent and manufacturing automatic hamburger maker machine and automatic chicken skewer machine and supplying other industrial kitchen equipment with high quality cause the time and cost savings and improve the process of food preparing. Products of Pooyasanat Industrial Group Pooyasanat industrial and manufacturing group with a specialist team launch to invent and manufacture kebab production line, including automatic kebab skewer | maker machines and also automatic hamburger and chicken skewer machines. products of pooya...

Some Company Services

Setting Up Industrial Kitchen

Due to changes in taste of people, their lifestyle and by developing in food industry as a gainful job, many people attracted to it and initiated to launching on industrial kitchens. Most important points of launching on an industrial kitchen or restaurant is the equipment and designing of it. Familiar with the concept of industrial […]

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Setting Up Coffee Shop Center

Designing and modern equipment are main factors of a coffee shop center Where is the oldest coffee shop center? In nineteenth and twentieth century many people went to coffee shop. Like poets and writers, to write their poems and stories most reminiscent and beautiful coffee shop center in the world is in France, Paris. The […]

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Setting Up Fast-Food Restaurant

Many people launch to initiate fast-food centers, because this is an attractive and gainful job and due to daily occupation, lack of time and alternation taste and way of life, people prefer fast-foods, so fast-food centers become more and more The history of fast-food centers Fast-food centers were established in 1912 in United States on […]

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Setting Up Restaurant Kitchen

To setting up restaurant kitchen, pay attention to many important points and steps. All these steps should be done with planning and consulting. Allocation of suitable space for the restaurant, isolation of kitchen and hall of the restaurant, selection of proper menu, specialized and experienced personnel, careful review of competitors, and designing and decorating are […]

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Why Do We Choose Pooyasanat Industrial And Manufacturing Group To Equip Industrial Kitchens

There are different kinds of industrial kitchen equipment, restaurant equipment, coffee shop and fast-food equipment all over the world. Due to high numbers of suppliers and manufacturers companies and also varieties of products like automatic kebab maker machines, automatic and manual barbecues, meat grinder, mixer, coffee maker and even kids of tables and chairs of restaurant, it’s hard to choose the best and high quality equipment. A good consulting company can help you choose the best ones. What are the features of a kitchen equipment consulting company? A good consulting company should consider the customer’s requirements first, then offer the equipment according to the customer’s conditions. To present a good suggestion, the company should pay attention to some factors like: the space of industrial kitchens, daily meal, and the way of decorating the restaurant. Another...


Some of the customers

Chadormalu Mining & Industrial CO.
Iran Alloy Steel Company
Ilam University Of Medical Science
Karen Pharma & Food Supplement Co
Shahid Sadoghi medical science