Kebab Mold (Kebab Mould)

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Pooyasanat company as the manufacturer and supplier of commercial kitchen equipment, decided to ease the skewering koobide kebabs by hand for chefs and resturantuers. So designed an automatic kebab machine that do the skewering kebabs automatically and by embedding kebab molds in kebab skewer machine, shape kebabs in various models. Pooyasanat company designs and makes Kebab moulds in custom size and weight according to the standard size of kebab skewers.

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Kebab Molds are designed and produced according to the customer’s order in various models and weights to facilitate the skewering of all kinds of kebabs like Persian grilled kebab, bonab kebabs, koobideh kebabs and pounded chicken kebab and in order to eliminating the labor force.

Automatic kebob maker machine is one of the most essential commercial kitchen equipment and the most important device in the kebab cooking line equipment, which is designed and manufactured in different capacities and models. By using these kebab machine in industrial kitchens and restaurants and caterings, 500 to 1500 kubide kebab and chicken kebab can be prepared per hour according to daily needs and the number of customers.
The use of Automatic kabab koobideh maker machine in restaurants and industrial kitchens makes it possible to provide customers with a large volume of kebabs in different weights and with high quality and elegant appearance in a short time by observing hygienic principles.
Pooyasant Company as an experienced manufacturer of commercial kitchen equipment and according to the need of restaurants and industrial kitchens in order to high efficiency and reducing costs, by using the most advanced and up-to-date industrial machines and employing Experienced and capable staff, has designed and manufactured automatic barbecue machines. In this regard, in order to facilitate the skewering of all kinds of kebabs and eliminating the labor force, begin the designing and producing of various Kebab Mold (Kebab Mould) for automatic kebab maker machines. Kebab moulds are designed and produced according to the customer’s order in various models and weights for skewering all kinds of Persian grilled kebab, bonab kebabs, koobideh kebabs and pounded chicken kebab.

How to make kebab molds:

Kebab molds are designed and manufactured by experts who are specialized in industrial design with the aluminum billet. They use specialized software and design the Kebab Mould accurately. Then implement the plan by the advanced CNC milling machine, by considering the weight requested by the customer and prepare the kebab mold for coating with Teflon or ceramic.

The best material to make kebab molds:

The most important factor to choose the type of kebab mold is to be resistant and rustproof, which should be able to be used continually with a high longevity. The best material for making kebab moulds is aluminum alloy with ceramic coating.
In addition to aluminum alloy in making Kebab Moulds, we use stainless steel material too. The difference is the longevity which is more in the Kebab Mould made by stainless steel than the aluminum kebab mold. The other is that stainless steel kebab moulds don’t need to be coated. The only disadvantage of stainless steel Kebab Moulds is the heavy weight of the mold, which is not suitable for kebab machines. We recommend, use aluminum molds for kebab maker machines.

Design and make the kebab mold in custom size:

Kebab Moulds are designed and produced in Pooyasanat Company in different weights from 50 to 500 grams for all kinds of kebabs according to the customer’s order.
Pooyasanat Company has made the work easier for restaurateurs, chefs of hotels and halls and catering, by designing and producing automatic kebab skewering machines and Automatic Hamburger Machine in various, advanced and professional models. by kebab machine in cabinet and double models (PS700, PS500), it has been able to do skewering kebab up to 500gr and with kebab machine model PS400H up to 200gr.

Kebab skewering in two different weights simultaneously:

One of the most important features of automatic kebab making machines is that the chef can change the mold for serving kebabs in different weights. Pooyasanat industrial group has designed and produced automatic kebab maker model PS700H to ease the skewering of two different weights of kebabs simultaneously and no need to change the kebab mould.

Weights of Kebab Moulds:

Kebab Mould 50gr
Kebab mold 60gr
Kebab mold 70gr
Kebab Mould 80gr
Kebab mold 90gr
Kebab mold 100gr
Kebab Mould 120gr
Kebab mold 150gr
Kebab mold 200gr
Kebab Mould 250gr
Kebab mold 300gr
Kebab mold 400gr
Kebab Mould 500gr

Production Of Professional Kebab Molds By Pooyasanat Company

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 4 × 8 × 32 cm

Aluminum, Stainless steel

Mould Height:


Spitting of Meat:

50gr to 500gr

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